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Top 10 Mistakes

Top 10 Mistakes made by Do-It-Yourself Amateurs

As Pay-Per-Click Search Engine specialists, we’re often asked by new clients to take over the management of existing Search Engine Ad Campaigns that have been formerly managed in-house by the client. So, we’re very familiar with the most common mistakes made by non-professionals.

These are the Top 10 Mistakes you’ll want to avoid if you’re currently managing your own PPC Ad Campaign:

  • Running a campaign using “default” settings.
  • Not separating “Search Network” from “Display Network” campaigns.
  • Using only “Broad” Match keyword match types.
  • Using keywords that generate a lot of ad impressions, but very few clicks or conversions.
  • Using a single ad for all keywords.
  • Not using your most important keywords in the ad headline and/or body copy.
  • Not writing your ads with compelling/enticing copy.
  • Not using “negative” keywords to avoid paying for clicks you don’t want.
  • Sending click-throughs to a poorly-designed Landing Page.
  • Bidding for the #1 Ad Position on every keyword.

If you find yourself making these same, or other, mistakes with your own campaigns, don’t despair – you’re definitely not alone. If you’d like some help, or believe your campaigns would produce better results if managed by a professional firm, please feel free to complete & submit the “Free Evaluation” form below.