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Why Hire Us

Unlike most Pay-Per-Click Ad Agencies, we offer:

  • 15+ Years Experience. We’ve been creating & managing successful PPC Ad Campaigns since 2002. We don’t hand off the management of your ad campaign to an employee who’s only been managing campaigns for a few months.
  • Affordability. We charge a flat monthly rate (starting at only $300/month). We don’t charge a percentage of your total ad budget. If we recommend a higher ad budget, it’s not because we want to make more money for ourselves – it’s because we believe it’s the right ad budget for you.
  • Transparency. You can log-in to your Google Adwords account (or Bing/Yahoo account) at any time to see what’s happening with your ad campaign. We don’t hide your campaign data from you and “hand feed” you selected information that only gives you a partial view of how your ad campaign is performing.
  • Category Exclusivity. We only work with ONE client within a specific business category in a specific geo-targeted market. We won’t take on, as a client, any of your competitors within your exclusive target market.

  • High Quality Traffic. Not all clicks are of equal value to you. We focus on the “intent” of the click. We work hard to get your ads only the “purchase-intent” clicks, not clicks from those who are only “curious”. This saves you money and improves your Return On Investment from your advertising dollars.
  • No Contracts/No Long-Term Commitments. We work strictly on a month-to-month basis. The results of the campaigns we create & manage are what’s most important. You can fire us at any time.

Lee Steele is the founder and president of Strategic Insight. Lee holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing from the University of Missouri and has over 18 years of sales & marketing experience with such firms as Wilson Sporting Goods Co., Polaroid Corp., Igloo Corp., Penn Racquet Sports and Omega Legal Systems. As the president of Strategic Insight, Lee has provided expert marketing advice & counsel to over 200 clients in more than 25 different industries, from small start-ups to Fortune 500 companies including IBM, Budget Rent a Car and Texaco.

Lee is a Past President of the Arizona Business Alliance and was the Official Marketing Consultant to the Arizona Technology Incubator. He has conducted multiple marketing workshops for the United Nations.

Lee is a nationally renowned guest speaker, lecturer and writer. You will find many of his business & marketing-related articles published in various business magazines and on the Internet.

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